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The Club FAQ's

What is Jesse’s House address?

8-10 Heathman's Road, London, SW6 4TJ

When is Jesse’s House opening?

Our doors are set to open next Spring, 2024.

Are we offering any tours?

We are currently midway through building Jesse’s House and for health and safety reasons we are not currently able to offer any tours.

What will be the opening hours of the club?

Full Club Hours will be released in Spring, 2024.

What facilities are at Jesse’s House?

  • Restaurant & Courtyard Café

  • Outdoor Playground

  • MUGA pitch

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

  • Outdoor Terraces & Day Beds

  • Gym & Fitness Studio

  • Yoga & Spin Studio

  • Jungle Gym and Soft Play

  • Kids Club and Crèche (3mos – 8 yrs)

  • The Den and Games Room (9yrs +)

  • The Living Room

  • The Study

  • Kids Cinema

  • Kids Class Studio

  • Treatment Rooms for physio, massage, beauty and more

  • Birthday Party Rooms

Jesse's House Closure Dates:

  • Christmas Eve to New Year's Day (24 Dec - 1 Jan), with limited service resuming on 2 Jan

  • Easter Weekend - from Good Friday to Easter Monday

Will I have to book for the Gym/Kids' Club/Jungle Gym and Soft Play or can I just turn up?

We strongly advise you to book in advance. Members will be able to do this through Member Portal or in-person at reception. We understand plans change, so there will be the option to book some of the activities on the day if there is any availability.

Can I take my buggy inside?

Jesse’s House is buggy-free apart from the ground floor Café & Restaurant, where you can bring them in. To give Members as much space as possible in the other areas, we ask that buggies and push-chairs are left in our secure buggy park - our front desk team are on hand help you park and store them. When possible, please hold your buggy down to allow space for others. We will also provide you with a clean ‘indoor’ bassinet if your baby needs to sleep, subject to availability.

Can I park at the venue?

We do not have car parking at Jesse’s House.

How do I get to Jesse’s House?

The closest public transport to Jesse’s House is Parsons Green station, where you can access the overground and district lines. The following buses also are accessible 14, 22, 28, 306, 414.

What is your mobile phone policy?

We are happy for you to use your phones at Jesse’s House. Please do not take photos or videos of children who are not your own, unless with their parent or guardian’s clear permission.

What is your laptop policy?

We encourage all Members to use the Club as a leisure space and not a working space, therefore, we ask that laptop use is kept to a minimum. Should you wish to use the Club as a working space, please go to The Study, our co-working adults only areas.

Do you vet your staff?

Yes, all of our staff are fully vetted with everyone passing a standard DBS check.

Can I become a Member if I do not have any children/children under the age of 13?

No, we are a Family Club and require you to have a child under the age of 13, or be caring for a child/children to become a Member (ie legal guardian, grandparent, childminder, many or nanny).

What is your Lost & Found policy?

Property should be returned to the owner if staff are satisfied they are the rightful owner.  A full name of the person picking up the lost property must be noted.Collected Lost Property should not be removed from the Teams Lost Property document when the item has been claimed. 

Retention Periods for Lost Property

Perishable items (food, liquids) are to be kept until the venue’s closing time on the day in which they were found (or less as deemed appropriate per individual case). After this time any unclaimed items should be disposed of safely. In incidents where a lunchbox or cooler bag (or similar) has been left at a venue with perishable items inside, the perishables should be disposed of and the boxes and bag logged into the Teams Lost Property document.  Non-perishable items (such as clothing or toys) are to be kept for 2 weeks in order to allow rightful owners time to claim their property.  Valuable items (cameras, mobile phones, wallets, bags) are to be kept for three calendar months in order to allow their rightful owners to claim their property.  Unclaimed Lost Property At the start of each month, a senior member of staff should review the items that have been held previously.  Non valuable items which remain unclaimed are to be disposed of either by donation to a charity or recycled. An itemised receipt should be obtained from the charity shop which should then be filed with all other lost property documents. The resulting cash should be donated. The Teams Lost Property document relating to the items wasted/donated should be updated to show this change.  Valuable items should be also donated to a charity. Updates relating to these items should be reflected in the Lost Property document. Any unclaimed cash should be donated to charity. A receipt for the amount of cash donated should be obtained and the Teams Lost Property document updated to show this change.Security at Jesse's HouseWe may use a variety of security and surveillance techniques for the protection and management of the business and its employees, including monitoring communication, CCTV cameras and search.

Food & Drink

What is the food like at Jesse’s House?

We offer a varied menu suitable for you and your little ones. We work with suppliers that share the same ethos and philosophy as us. All products and ingredients are sustainable and ethical. All our menus are created with the freshest and best seasonal products. As a result, our menus are healthy, morish and nutritionally designed. Find out more about our Restaurant & Courtyard Café here.

What is your allergy policy?

We have worked hard to ensure there is something for everyone on our menu, please speak to us if you or your child(ren) have any allergies and we will do our best to organise something to meet your needs. We strive to be a nut free environment but it is possible that products sourced externally may be prepared in environments that contain traces of nuts. For further allergy information, please contact us.

Do you have high chairs?

Yes, we have highchairs available for you to use in the Restaurant, Café & Terrace.

Can I bring in my own bottles of wine/champagne?

We offer a corkage fee for wine in the Restaurant and Café of £25 per bottle and £50 per magnum. For bottles of Champagne we charge £50 per bottle and £100 for a magnum. Please note, for parties we cannot offer corkage and all drinks/bottles must be purchased from Jesse’s House.

Can I leave my guests behind at the Club?

Guests are the member’s responsibility at Jesse’s House and we ask that when you, the Member, vacate the Club your Guest(s) also leave(s) with you. Guests cannot stay at the Club without the Member and will be asked to leave.

Private Parties

Can I rent the space exclusively?

We will offer the space for exclusive hire in the evenings outside of members hours. We will also have bookable hours within the club throughout the day. Please contact us directly via to find out more.

Can I have a children’s party at Jesse’s House?

Yes, we have packages for Members only. These are available to book from Spring, 2024.

Do you offer any holiday camps or courses?

We offer members a programme of events and camps during school holidays. These will be available to book on the members portal once the club has opened.

How long are Jungle Gym and Soft Play sessions?

60 minutes from the beginning of your slot time.

How often is the Jungle Gym and Soft Play equipment cleaned?

We do a daily clean of all equipment and a deep clean once a week. Changing areas are cleaned several times a day, and our Housekeeping staff are always on hand for any messier moments throughout the day.

Can I leave my child to play in the Jungle Gym and Soft Play while I do a class/go to the Gym?

We have Kids' Club sessions in the Jungle Gym and Soft Play, where our team take care of the children during supervised play. Unless the Kids' Club is booked for this session specifically, we require adults to supervise their child/children at all times.

Our staff are in the Jungle Gym & Soft Play to ensure equipment is being used correctly and that safe play is in progress. However, staff are not responsible for or meant to supervise the children playing in the space.If you’re a Member and you’d like to have some child-free time, you can use the Kids' Club either as part of your Membership allowance or you can book additional paid sessions.Studio Classes and Kids' Club

Studio Classes and Kids' Club

What classes do you offer for children/adults/pre-teens?

We offer a wide and ever-changing timetable of classes and activities:For the adults, we have Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Barre, HITT and PT sessionsFor the little ones, we have music classes, messy play, cooking, baby sensory, and much more.For the pre teens we have a film club, games competitions, MUGA pitch, foosball competitions, arts and crafts, dance classes and outdoor games.

Do children need to be accompanied by an adult for the classes?

Some yes and some no. We advise on the specifics when you book the class.What is the cancellation policy for classes, Kids' Club sessions, parking etc?We ask that you give us 24 hours-notice. If for any reason you cancel after that or don’t show up we will not be able to refund you.

How old is the creche suitable for?

3 months - 3 years.

What age is the kids club suitable for?

3 years - 8 years.

How long can I use the Kids' Club for?

The Kids' Club is available to be booked up to four hours per child per day, subject to availability.We can only offer water in the Kids Club.Please book in advance on our Member Portal or via reception to avoid disappointment.

What is your illness policy?

We do appreciate that people become ill. However, we require 24 hours-notice for any cancellations. Any cancellations within 24 hours for any classes/sessions are non-refundable.We ask that parents/guardians follow the NHS’ recommendations on what to do when a child is unwell. Please click here to see recommendations on when a child should be kept at home when unwell.Children who become unwell whilst at the venue must leave the Club immediately.

For babies

Do you sell emergency baby supplies on-site?

Yes, we have supplies for your little ones such as formula, snacks and food pouches which can be purchased in the restaurant.

Do you have any areas suitable for breastfeeding?

Yes of course! You can breast or bottle feed anywhere at Jesse’s House (apart from the only adult only such as the study and The Gym). Let our staff bring you a drink and make sure you are as comfortable as possible!

Can I heat up a bottle, sterilise a bottle or ask for boiling water anywhere?

Yes, we have our Milk Bar on the ground floor where you can do all this. You will find a Perfect Prep Machine, steriliser, bottle warmers, fridge and a microwave. The Milk Bar is a self-service station.

Do I have access to The Study as part of my membership?

Yes! Our Study is a co-working members and adults only space, Members do not need to book in advance to use The Study.

What can I do in The Study?

The Study has a fully functioning coffee bar, lounge areas complete with comfy sofas and tables, a Quiet Area with desk space, and phone booths for private calls.

What food and drink can I get in The Study?

We have an all-day menu in The Study, serving freshly made dishes, as well as a drinks menu with hot drinks and cocktails (on the weekend!).


What is included in the Memberships?

Visit our Membership page for a full list of offerings, prices and the plentiful benefits of coming on board.

How many people can you add to your Membership?

You can have up to TWO additional named adults (nannies/childminders/grandparents etc who can have access in your place) on all Memberships. Please note, that named adults do not have access to Member only areas such as: the Gym, Pool, yoga and spin studio, and treatment rooms.

How many children can you add to the Family Membership?

You can have up to 3 children included on a family membership. The basic membership allows you two adults, two children, but you can pay to add up to one more child onto your membership.

Can I bring guests into Jesse's House?

Members get two weekday guest passes a month to be used for the Jungle Gym & Soft Play. Members must check their guests into the front desk before going into the Club. Members cannot use their Jungle Gym & Soft Play guests passes on the weekend. Those who come to the Club on the weekend will be turned away.

Members are welcome to host guests in the ground floor Restaurant, Cafe and Terrace from Monday-Sunday, without having to use their two monthly Jungle Gym & Soft Play guest passes.

Guests passes will not be available until we have been fully open and operating for 2 months.

Joining Fee Credit

The £500 (discounted to £250) Joining fee will be transferred to club credit. This only happens after a 14 day trial period and once you, as a member, have committed to the initial 6 month period.

What is Parsons House Nursery?

Parsons House Nursery is an Ofsted registered nursery that is part of the Little Houses Group family of clubs and nurseries.  

My child goes to Parsons House Nursery, do I get a discount at Jesse’s House?
Yes, while your child is enrolled at Parsons House Nursery, your membership will be fast tracked and we will also guarantee and fast track your membership.

I want to cancel my Membership – what’s the notice period?

After your trial period, Members have an initial six-month subscription commitment, followed by a rolling contract with a two month notice period. Members must cancel their membership before 9am on the last day of their trial expiry date.

Is this a rolling Membership or do I have to sign up/do a renewal?

Once your Member Portal account is activated, your Joining Fee paid, and after the initial six month commitment, Memberships will be on a rolling contract; with a two month notice period.

Can I pause or freeze my Membership?

No, we do not offer this option.

What is your Covid policy?

Please click here to view our Covid Policy.

Extra costs

How much will the Studio classes for children cost?

From £8 for children who are Members.

How much will the Studio classes for adults cost?

From £12 for adults who are Members.

How much will it cost to use the Jungle Gym and Soft Play if I’m not a Member?

At the moment the Jungle Gym & Soft Play is only open to members. Members can only bring non-member guests into the Jungle Gym & Soft Play from Monday-Friday, using their 4 monthly guest passes.

How much will the Members-only Kids' Club cost once I have used my free hours?

The Kids Club will cost £15 per hour.

Membership – Opens 7th November 2023 

Full list of prices / types of memberships


We will staggering membership sales pre- and post- opening in Spring 2024. Selling a limited number of early memberships at a discounted rate and with extra benefits, allows us to have a 'soft opening' for a limited number of members. This will help us ensure that everything at Jesse's House is spot on and running smoothly before we start welcoming more people through the doors. Once we open doors, we will be selling our remaining allocation of memberships later in the year. You are welcome to buy membership after we open, however we cannot guarantee that the current membership packages will still apply and the joining fee will be full price. 

Guest passes

(4 per month) with the opportunity to purchase more. No guest passes available on the weekend. Guest passes will only be available after the trial period and not available for the first month. 

No day passes are available for Jaego’s House Members – If members would like to attend the club, they will have to purchase a bolt on.

Named People

Memberships include two additional Named People. These are nannies, babysitters, partners, friends or family members who regularly help with childcare. They are selected when you create your member account once we open. When the main members are unavailable to accompany the kids to any classes or play time, a Named Person on the account will be able to do so. Named People will have access to the Club, except for the member only areas - including, the Gym, any fitness classes, the Study & co-work, the Kids’ Club & Crèche.

How big is the pool?

We have two pools – an outdoor Splash Pool and an indoor Learner Pool.   

The Splash Pool is 8.5m x 7.5m and 1.2m deep. The Learner Pool is 10m x 6.5m and 1.9m deep.  

Alongside the kids swimming class timetable, there will be timed adults-only swim sessions, where the pool will have a current resistance machine turned on. 

The pools will always be monitored by trained lifeguards. There is no minimum age for children using the pool. However, children must always have an adult watching them.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’ll be staggering start dates by sales waves (e.g. those buying on 7th November will start membership first, and then a couple of weeks later we will allow the second sales wave of members to start). Your 14-day trial period starts from your start date at the Club. Following your trial, your first membership payment will be taken by direct debit on day 15 and you’ll automatically be enrolled into an initial 6-month membership term. After your first 6 months, your membership term will then automatically become a rolling 2-month period. During this 14-day trial, if you would like to cancel your membership, you just need to email our Membership team to give them notice. You must email your cancellation request by 5pm on your 14th day of the trial.

Example Questions:

Members of Jaego’s House would like to transfer their membership to Jesse’s House once we open: We cancel their membership here at Jaego’s and ask them to re-join at Jesse’s House? They should get priority and we should also remove the two-month notice period– so essentially ends up being a straight swap, they will just be required to put down the new joining fee and go onto the new Jesse’s pricing.  

I’m home every day with our baby and would love to come join you on the weekdays with the baby, and in the afternoon with both my toddler and baby.  However, maybe my husband wants to join us as a family some weekends. Does the single parent membership allow you to be guests? Such as bringing my husband for some weekends? Parsons Green got so many stay at home mums, I would think many are wondering this.  As part of your membership, your husband will be able to come to the club restaurant, take your little one to the soft play and jungle gym, take your child to any classes/events etc. He has chaperone rights on your membership. If they want to use the gym/co-working and classes themselves – then we recommend getting a family membership. How many hours are kids allowed in the kids club / creche with all inclusive mem – 3 hours daily.

What's the minimum membership term?

Can you pause/freeze membership? We do not pause/freeze memberships. The contract is a 14-day trial period, 6-month contract with a two-month rolling contract after you have completed the initial 6 months.

Can visit the house first before deciding if the bolt-on makes sense for our family?

Yes. We will open in spring 2024.

When will Jaego’s Members be able to enquire/action to add the bolt-on?

From the first sale release on Nov 7th

Will a link be sent on the morning of 7th and then a first come first served basis as we usually do for Jaego’s?

Yes exactly this.

What facilities can current Jaego’s members use at Jesse’s if they purchase the bolt on?

All the facilities, you will just not be able to attend classes/activities.

What is the difference between family membership and the all-inclusive?

The all inclusive, allows you to book everything and anything at no extra cost. It will cover all children in your family with no limitations, whereas the family membership gives you 10 hours of classes a month for a maximum of up to 2 children (or 3 if you add an additional child).

For the all-inclusive membership what are the limits on crèche and kids club?

The all-inclusive has no limits, apart from the daily maximum time of 3 hours that you can drop your child off at any one time.

Unlimited fitness classes on House Membership:

We will no longer offer the unlimited class/creche Bolt On: Instead you have the option to purchase the unlimited package that will give you access to everything and unlimited classes for everyone in the family, no limit on the number of children.

Do we know how much creche cost per hour after the monthly free allowance is used?

£15 per hour prob

Is there a discount on membership for PHN parents?

Yes there is a 20% discount on membership fees at Jesse’s House.

Join us weekdays or everyday

The below pricing is available for our first sale only on November 7th, after this the prices increase. Your joining fee of just £250 (reduced from £500) will be fully transferred into club credit, if you register and buy before the club opens.

(Full Week)
Family Membership
Family Membership
(Full Week)
House Membership
House Membership
The All Inclusive Membership

For 2 adults and 1-2 children
Option to add 1 extra child for
an additional £45 / month

For 2 adults and 1-2 children
Option to add 1 extra child for
an additional £35 / month

For 1 adult and 1 child
Option to add 2 extra children for
an additional £45 / month per child

For 1 adult and 1 child
Option to add 2 extra children for
an additional £35 / month per child

For 2 adults and 3+ children
OR for those who want all
classes and Kids' Club hours included every month

£330 per month

£280 per month

£165 per month

£140 per month

£500 per month

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

(Members can access the club as much as they want and will have unlimited access to all facilities.)

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

(Full Week)
Family Membership

Family Full week membership is a minimum of 2 adults and 2 children

£330 per month

*Extra siblings are complimentary

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

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Family Membership

Family weekday membership is a minimum of 2 adults and 2 children

£280 per month

*Extra siblings are complimentary

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

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(Full Week)
House Membership

House Full Week Membership is a Minimum of 1 adult and 1 child

£165 per month

*Extra siblings are £45 extra per child

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

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House Membership

House Weekday Membership is a a Minimum of 1 adult and 1 child

£140 per month

*Extra siblings are £35 extra per child

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

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The All Inclusive Membership*

Unlimited Family Full Week Membership is a minimum of 2 adults and 2 children

£500 per month

(Members can access the club as much as they want and will have unlimited access to all facilities.)

Pre-opening offer of £250 joining fee fully transferred into club credit, 14 days to cancel your membership

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